Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 Off to a bumpy start

Well I bet some of you may have wondered why I haven't posted anything in awhile. On December 26th of 2008 my camera decided to stop working and needed to be sent it for repairs. The camera was just several months over the warranty period so the repair was not free nor was it cheap. I was also told it would be about three to four weeks before I would get it back. So not to let this little setback deter me from my photography I continued to book sessions with models for shoots. I would borrow a camera from my fellow photographer friends. Unfortunately three of the models I booked during January ended up canceling on me at the very last minute. So if December and January were all snow and setback well then February is definitely the opposite. I had a great shoot yesterday with Cody a male model I have worked with before and I also have a shoot happening today with a makeup artist and her models. Pictures will be up shortly from both of these sessions so please come back and check it out. Let's hope snow storms and cancellations are a thing of the past.

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