Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amazing Colors

Traditionally at this time of year we have our annual fireworks competition which draws enormous crowds out to English Bay and the Kitsilano area to watch. On the evening of July 25th however clouds started to roll in and what was supposed to be a nice sunny evening soon turned into showers. This of course drove a lot of the usual crowds away. But as the night went on it was soon to become one of the most impressive lightning storms I think this city has ever seen. If you ask me I think Mother Nature's light show is way better than any fireworks display. Also just as the sun was setting there was this amazingly vibrant color to the sky that I've never seen before so I rushed out and amidst the downpour I took a few quick pictures and composed this panorama of the view from Kitsilano looking towards English Bay and downtown Vancouver. No color correction or any Photoshop was used to post process any of these pictures. It really was that beautiful that night. Vancouver has not had a night like we had last night for a long time. Here are some more.

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