Friday, November 6, 2009

Help Portrait - Vancouver 12-12-09

Having a way of giving back or just giving is something I always want to do with my photography. I've volunteered for workplace events and taking pictures of kids and their families with Santa but when I heard about the Help-Portrait movement I knew I had to get involved. Most of us think of having our photographs taken as something we take for granted. We'll print out a few for keepsakes or to give them to family. But there are also those who may be less fortunate or have never had a professional portrait done before. To be able to have their picture taken and getting an actual print of it to keep can be something very special.

Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers who on December 12th this year will do just that. Take pictures but give back portraits. I've signed up to volunteer for the Vancouver group of Help-Portrait and I am very excited to be part of something like this.

I encourage all photographers to get involved in this and other events that give back to your communities and to people who really need it.

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