Monday, April 19, 2010

Model Shoot - Cecilia

I've been taking a Creative Lighting for Fashion and Editorial course at Vancouver Photo Workshop and we had the chance to work with model Cecilia and stylist Candice last week. Nothing too fancy for this particular set of photos. Just one very big softbox! In fact it was the biggest one I've used and was really made up of two 8 foot tall foam core dividers forming a box with an open side that was covered by two bedsheets. Inside of this was a Profoto head that was triggered at full power. The box was placed at camera left and lit the model from her right side and with the fall off alone it cast a really even wrapping light as you can see from the photos. All that was needed to bring out a bit of detail on her left side was to use a big fill card or reflector. Nothing beats a big light source for soft light. Some really minor skin retouching and Lightroom tweaks otherwise this is as shot.

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