Friday, May 14, 2010

Model Shoot - Tony

This set of photos is from the second to last class of our course at Vancouver Photo Workshop. I gathered together the team of make up artist Diana, stylist Pirabalini and model Tony. This team had a lot of chemistry and I look forward to working with them again soon. Three separate lighting setups where used. One was done against a grey backdrop and consisted of two gridded strobes of to the left and right behind Tony and then a beauty dish above in front. The two back strobes were about one and half stops brighter so that gives that nice bright edge look. I included an out take that looks pretty cool as Tony totally stayed in character while Piraba and Diana touched him up.

The next was a just a pure white setup and I took multiple shots and composited the image above. Finally I did some shots with Tony using a pair of Kino Flo lights and angled them so that I was using the light falloff to light him. This gave it a bit more light and shadow to the look than just sandwiching him between them and blasting him with light.

Stay tuned for my next post of the last shoot from the VPW studios. Two models and two teams.

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