Saturday, January 22, 2011

Model Shoot - Natalie R

Kicked off 2011 with my first photo shoot of the year with model Natalie from Charles Stuart International. Makeup was done by Jennifer Schulz and styling by Cyndy. My hat goes off to the incredible team and especially Natalie for braving the cold and being a true professional. I think it was just above freezing that day and as the sun started setting it got even colder. For this shoot I used a Profoto 7b with a five foot octabank and a bare head with a reflector. Working with portable packs and a big light source outdoors is a lot of fun and when it's almost pitch dark nothing lights up the scene better. Here are some shots from that photo shoot.

These last two shots were done when the sun had already set and it was so cold that in between takes Jennifer and Cyndy would come and wrap Natalie up in a blanket to keep her warm.

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