Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Benjamin - Six Months

Before Benjamin came along I remember other parents telling us to cherish the days with your baby because they change so fast. I took it for granted at the time but now I really understand that statement. Six months have literally passed by in the blink of an eye and almost every day there is something different about him. The joy of being a parent and a father to this little guy is indescribable in words. I wanted to be able to share photos of him with friends and family especially when they came to visit so for his first month I put together a book using the Adobe Lightroom book module that uses Blurb books. It turned out great and I've decided to make one for his six month now and then also for his one year. I'm still in the process of selecting the photos for the book that will highlight his 2 to 6 month time period and so far the toughest decision has been choosing the cover photo. Here are some definite pictures that will be included. MG 8268 Edit MG 8130 Edit MG 8113 MG 8201 MG 8227
He's started to learn how to flip over onto his tummy and flip back over so the next stage will probably be crawling. That's going to be interesting and a lot of fun to photograph in the next months. MG 8232

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Obiwanhavanese said...

It truly is a magical time watching the milestones of growth as your child grows. Lucky for him his dad is a great photographer and can document all the wonderful stages of life.