Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chinatown on the wrong day

Well I got up early Sunday morning all ready to head down to Chinatown to catch the New Years parade and Dragon dances but found out once I got there that this was the wrong day and it would not be until next Sunday. I think I had read somewhere that they usually hold it the first Sunday before the actual New Years day which falls on a Thursday this year on the 7th of February. I knew something was wrong when I got there and it was completely quiet. But I made the best of it and since I had my camera with me I took some shots. Here are some pictures I took that include shots around Chinatown, the entry way of the Sun Yat Sen Garden and the False Creek area. I tried some shots with exposure bracketing and then merged them to create an HDR picture. I'm pretty pleased with the results because it was a very overcast during the entire time I was shooting and the brightness was a bit tricky to work with.

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