Friday, January 1, 2010

Lenin in Richmond, BC

A very interesting sculpture has popped up recently in Richmond, BC and I stumbled upon it today by accident. It was attracting a lot of attention and lots of motorists stopped to take a look and many got out of their cars to take pictures as did I. The interesting thing about this sculpture is that it also has a figure of Chairman Mao atop of Lenin's head with a balance bar. So as can be imagined a lot of talk about what the artists are trying to say here with this piece is usually the topic of discussion amongst viewers. Upon further digging on the internet I found out this is part of the Vancouver Biennale and around the city there are various art instalments.

I found it just so surreal that I decided to post process some of my shots and give it a more other worldly look. I tried some HDR and then went really crazy and did some that give it almost a comic book feel. First day of the new year and already trying to be a bit more on the creative side, hahaha..

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jmq said...

love these photos -
(I'm brooke's friend who was looking for a wedding photog... I've been meaning to check out all the biennale stuff around town. the ones at english bay are pretty neat too!)