Saturday, January 23, 2010

Model Shoot - Shazmin, Cleopatra Look

Last year was quite a whirlwind with the wedding and it has been awhile since I've been in the studio. Thought I'd start 2010 with a more focused approach on building up my portfolio and networking more with likeminded people. Last weekend I got together with model Shazmin who had put out a casting call looking for a photographer to help with a Cleopatra inspired theme that she was looking to do. We teamed up with make up artist Cherry and hairstylist Rhi for the shoot. The two of them were true perfectionists and I think it really shows in the final results. To enhance the golden skin look of the makeup I tried something a bit different. I used the gold side of my 60" reflector and bounced a flash off of it as the key light and kind of turned it into a big golden softbox. Additional hairlight at camera left was covered with a quarter cut of CTO gel. I did some very minor spot exposure corrections in Lightroom but for the most part not much post work was done for these shots.

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