Monday, March 24, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Today was a beautiful day and I decided to play tourist for a day and run around taking some pictures. Actually for most of the day I was pretty uninspired taking shots of the mountains and buildings and didn't really come away thinking I had done anything creative. As I was out I ran into a stranger who was a photographer that had his camera with him and he instantly spotted me with mine. I stopped to talk to him and compare cameras and he said that he had his camera since just after Christmas and he was already over 4000 shots. As I left he said to me "shoot lots!" and gave me a smile. That little exchange lifted my spirits. Here are some shots from today.

Three little house boats.

In with the new reveals the old.

I am just a bit ....

Isn't this the Starbucks girl?

Grandfather, Father and Son

Snakes and Ladders


Under the Lions Gate Bridge

And finally the Inukshuk, which is what they are using for the 2010 Winter Olympics as the logo

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