Sunday, March 16, 2008

Location Lighting Workshop

Today was the Location Lighting Workshop at Vancouver Photo Workshops and it turned out that my instructor was Syx Langemann. We covered a lot about the different types of flashes used from the on camera flashes to the ones in the studio and on location. We also learned about key-lighting which I found to be really interesting whereby the flash becomes the main light in a outdoor environment. This is where you can vary your aperture to alter the ambient light and let the main flash over power it and create some really cool effects like a sunny day on an otherwise cloudy day like we had today. We also set up some pretty creative lighting setups in the studio with gels to add colour and depth to our shots. At one point we even had a strobe outside that was shooting into the studio through the window to simulate sunlight and cast an interesting shadow from the iron gating outside onto the wall. We had two models to shoot in the afternoon and they were excellent to work with. Here are some shots from today and I will start with some that were taken with just the on camera flash so you can see the difference. I used a Canon 430EX with a Stofen Omni Bounce.

Next up we have some shots using a strobe bounced of an umbrella.

Then we have some shots using a strobe bounced off an umbrella and another strobe with a blue gel bouncing off a wall behind the models.

We had a strobe outside of the studio shooting in through the window for these following shots and there is also a softbox inside the studio warm up the left side of the model as well.

For these shots we had strobe to camera left with a red gel on it and to camera right we had a softbox with a CTO gel on it.

And finally we took a single strobe and a battery pack outside into the overcast day and did some key-shifting. By using different white balances and exposure settings you can achieve some interesting effects.

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