Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shots from around Granville Island

I went down to Granville Island and took a few shots late in the afternoon with not much available light. For the most part I was shooting in full manual mode but I also played a bit with some camera settings to achieve the purplish sky and color saturation in a few of the photos. Took some long exposure shots too. Still learning and making mistakes along the way but now I can look at the pictures and determine why certain ones didn't turn out when I review them and look at the settings that were used. It's usually that I was hand holding a shot with the shutter speed too slow or my aperture was opened up too much and I end up losing a lot of details that I would have wanted. Here are a few shots from that outing.


xiao li said...

cool i wish to go there too!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I like the 2nd one.