Sunday, January 6, 2008

Taking Photography Courses

I've been interested in photography for a long time and at various times in my life wanted to take it up as a serious hobby. Cost of equipment and developing prints in the past always held me back from pursuing it. I'd taken courses a very long time ago and even though most of what I learned then was really basic there was one thing that I did take away from it and that was learning to develop an "eye" for photography. I really like capturing the moment and especially photographing people and events. A couple of months ago I finally purchased a digital SLR along with a flash and some lenses. I plan to take photography seriously this time and have once again enrolled myself in courses more so this time to take myself beyond just the technical know how of f/stops and shutter speeds but into the more creative aspects of photography. My goal is to become more than just an amateur photographer but one day making a profession out of it. I think it would be a career that I could truly say I would be passionate about instead of the current profession that I am in now. Well my course starts next week so I'll write more about it then.

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